Henry Alterio, Executive Director

Economist, specialized in the analysis of environmental issues and their relation to the economic development. His professional approach is based on a wide range of experiences working with different government institutions, non-governmental organizations and the private sector for over 15 years.

He holds a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and Energy from the University of Sheffield, UK, and a BA in Economics in Colombia. He is a professor at the Externado University and the Executive Director of Ecosimple, where he coordinates a team focused primarily on the economic evaluation of environmental impacts, management of climate change, energy issues and clean technologies.

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Dirección: Calle 77 # 16-20 Edificio El Lago
Oficina 312. Bogotá, Colombia

Teléfonos: (+57) 1 217 21 77
Celular: (+57) 313 8214 577

E-mail: info@ecosimple.co

Quiénes Somos

Es sencillo proteger el medio ambiente. Ecosimple es su aliado estratégico en esta tarea porque somos conocedores de la reglamentación ambiental y sus proyectos con nuestra asesoría contribuirán a un mejor país.