The importance of protected areas


ProEcosimple-1-300x225tected areas are zones that are declared of national, regional or local interest, according to the Convention of the United Nations on Biodiversity, “Law 165 of 1994”, that describe them as those geographically defined areas that have been designated or regulated and managed to achieve specific conservation objectives.

Protected areas are considered as important strategic ecosystems for the production of environmental goods and services, thus generating economic, social and cultural benefits to society. Also they ensure the conservation of biodiversity, landscapes and natural elements that are essential for ecosystems.

In return for the benefits accrued to society from protected areas, we should work together to ensure the sustainability of natural resources, so that not only the government and non-government agencies are part of these strategies, but also that private entities, productive sectors and the community in general constitute a vital link that contributes to conservation objectives as part of social responsibility.

In this sense, social responsibility to protected areas must be understood as the contribution of different actors, which enable the strengthening of the management of protected areasPROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT HAS NEVER EASY!!!

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