Payment for Ecosystem Services

The rich ecosystem rural Bogotá, and therefore the significance of ecosystem services it provides (such as water supply for the city and the storage of greenhouse gases, etc.), make much of the same This classified as a protected area, and therefore count on management strategies that allow their long-term preservation.

In order to reduce environmental pressures that occur in rural areas of Capital District (District Department of the Environment, 2007, cited by the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, 2009), the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, with the support of our consultant principal and guidance of the District Department of Development, developed a proposal for the implementation of a scheme of payments for ecosystem services in the rural area of ​​Bogotá DC, with the goal of reducing conflicts over land use in the area, and improve the socio-economic of the population involved, being through recognition of ecosystem services as a tool for sustainable development.

The actions to develop the communities related to the scheme, would be monitored based on the estimation of a baseline land use and its projection in the future in the absence of the proposed scheme. Then expect from the program, this negative trend is reversed, and there is a verifiable positive change on environmental conditions and the quality of life of communities.

Another important element of the proposal relates to the development of an economic feasibility analysis in which some alternatives for achieving the desired objectives are compared, evaluating the cost – effectiveness of the scheme and its funding scenarios.

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