Optimization of environmental performance in companies

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Industrial revolution was not only puting in practice the first modern production modes, but rather also began a painful process of global pollution that reaches our days. As result, environmental degradation during almost two hundred years has made us to face huge challenges.

Fortunately, more companies and community in general have become aware that is necesary a drastic change for avoid the degradation of natural resources. Anyways, many companies still refuse to optimize their environmental performance remaining in old highly damaging practices. However, there are consumers who know the importance of environmental responsability and look increasingly by responsible brands concern of their environmental impact. Of course, in many cases marketing label products as “ecological” and “green”, without proper assessment.

Anyway, beyond advertising, one thing is certain: to reduce the environmental impact, using energy and raw materials is a trend that keeps growing. A Good environmental performance reduces costs, improve competitivenes and attract investors and new consumers. On the other hand, environmental laws in Colombia are stronger than ever with irresponsible companies; justice not only take action on the matter: The community and the GNOs condemn these companies, and start campaigns to alert consumers, between other actions

Due to this, there is no doubt that optimization of environmental performance is increasingly important to manufacture competitive products in markets with ecological awareness. This can be started with simple assessments in order to identify the best alternatives in each company, in addition of a constant monitoring and processes evaluation looking for a better performance.

Some environmentally practices as reducing energy consumption, cleaner production proceses and environmentally friendly management of waste is posible. Retrieve discarded materials, use less packing, look for reciclables and use of less contaminants materials; these and other similar practices, can make the difference for companies going forward in more clean new market trends.

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